Love and Money

Stagedesign by Anastassiya Ponomaryova

In the original play, the story takes place in spaces such a flat, a bar, an office or in the streets of Great Britain, but the characters could have also been doctors from any mental hospital. They all pretend that they know how to live and how to treat Jess, while she is just a normal person with normal problems. The non linear storytelling reminds of the structure of dreams, where past and future are mixed, where there’s no exit and no time. So, in the concept everyone from the beginning will have their own pillow and blanket, because it brings together visitors and Jess as one social group. This shows the play from Jess‘ perspective. It is why visitors are also a part of the stage design. The play feels very private, as if we were looking at someone’s dirty linens.  (Anastassiya Ponomaryova)

The scenography decision for “Love and Money” wakes everyone up from the long nightmare, to say that all of us need to think outside the box.