Einige Nachrichten an das All

Stage design by Edanur Seçim

“Main inspiration for designing the stage was themes in the play such as, questioning the existence, void, space, emptiness,life and death. The stage structure is taking its geometrical association from ancient solar system models or basically how earth and planets rotates in space like human beings rotate in life and time. The stage model is located specifically on an open air surface covered with marble powder, representing the Salt Lake in Turkey with white horizons and starry nights where emptiness is not a void or nothingness but a quality that is present within that void. Characters’ constant struggle with the absence or presence of feelings, aim, meaning, entertainment, hope, love and child was the key point which gave stage design its main features, framing the emptiness with circular metal elements, designed to be mobile to fill the emptiness with temporary presence. “ (Edanur Seçim)

„Then you can see it well
Looking at the sky
Then you can see well in between
Can you see there,
what is supposed to be there
(Einige Nachrichten an das All)