Bergen 2016


Frank Linke, Janica Smija und Linda Schuster

Sonderpreis der Jury / Honorary Mention

Das International Wood Festival in Bergen fand vom 9.-13. Mai 2016 statt. 22 internationale Teams arbeiteten sechs Tage an der Realisierung ihrer Konzepte. Für die Arbeit Nivison sprach die Jury eine Anerkennung / Honorary Mention aus, zusätzlich zu den drei verliehenen Preisen. Glückwunsch an: Frank Linke, Janica Smija und Linda Schuster für ihren Entwurf.


Nature is life – Life consists of cells.
Every plant, every animal and every human beiing have the origin of a cell.
Celles change, join together, build new ones and die, which is the transition from growing and transience,
that in the end something new can be built.

The deliberately selected large dimensioning of the cell structure stands in contrast to the actually smallest unit of the organism.

Nivision is a natural construct, based on individual forms. The arrangement of these compounds decide
whether you are a cabbage, a donkey or a designer.